Your data

Your choice

The complete privacy phone package

Multilayered protection from big-tech spying

Jediphone protects you from: 

  • Online surveillance
  • Snoopers and hackers
  • App tracking 
  • Data mining
  • Operating system tracking

Works with any SIM
all over the world

Jediphone is fully unlocked and works anywhere with any cellular provider.

A suite of the best privacy apps pre-installed

Whether it’s notes, email or messaging, your Jediphone will come pre-installed with the very best open source, privacy focussed apps. 

A suite of the best privacy apps pre-installed
Keep your big-tech apps on this privacy phone. Europe's premier supplier of privacy phones. No more trackers or spyware. Your data, your choice.

Don’t miss out on your big-tech apps

Graphene OS allows you to sandbox or “imprison” big-tech apps.

You can keep using your favourite big-tech  apps on the Jediphone in a completely secure enclave. 

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jediphone is the ultimate privacy phone.